And you thought universities cost too much


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The funniest not-really-funny part of my day:

Got an email about Grace Hopper Academy, that markets itself to women of ALL economic levels who want to become web developers.

Tuition you ask? That’s the best part: Zero… they say

But there’s a 3k deposit required after acceptance and you pay tuition after your get hired as a developer – 22% of your first year’s salary paid over 9 months. Or you could pay 16k up front.

Beginning developers make between 35-45k. If your salary is 40k, you pay them $8,800. Or pay 16k up front. Either way you fork out a refundable deposit of 3k. For ONLINE EDUCATION with no teacher in front of you to ask a damned thing.

“Inclusivity and diversity matter. We want this experience to be open to women of all economic backgrounds. High upfront costs can prevent talented students from attending — it’s our hope that this payment model eliminates those financial barriers and makes this opportunity available regardless of your financial situation.” – directly from their website.

Or you could do the smart thing. Go to community college and get a certificate or associates for a third of the cost. Or use Codecademy with 2 options – free or $20/month depending on what access you want.

Most of the integrity and usefulness of sites like Grace Hopper Academy and the myriad other places that promise you a fantastic web developer education are under scrutiny, as they should be.


I can vouch personally for Codecademy. I’ve been through 2 classes with them and get exceptional help from their chat teacher when I’m stuck. It’s an easy to use platform and worth the $20/m. But I would never pay 16k for it. And neither should anyone else for unaccredited learning from fly-by-night sites.

Do your homework on any site offering web design and development education. Check reviews. High price tags are a RED FLAG and you should keep moving.