Book Review: Zen: How to Live Your Life the Zen Way – Beginners Guide to Zen Meditation

This is another book about Zen  and Buddhism written by Alias Axmar. Alias began his life as a financial advisor but had a mental breakdown. He decided to volunteer in Africa to help children in small villages and eventually moved to China to learn Buddhism.

Because of his unique life experiences, I expected more from this book. This book was too short. It barely scratched the surface of Zen. Just when I thought it was going somewhere, it ended abruptly. It started out great and gave a perfect breakdown for Zen students.

It had a few good tips on overcoming impatience as a newcomer to Zen by using breath to let it go.

He describes 3 aspects ( attitude, attention, and intention) that beginners should be aware of.

Then it ends with an advertisement for another of his books.

Very disappointing for someone who has much to offer. Hopefully, his next book will redeem him as a writer with much to offer.



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