Book Review: Self Discipline: Self Discipline Guide to Improve Self Confidence, Gain Will Power and Achieve Your Dreams

This book is poorly edited fluff. This writer did not bother to proofread his own work or hire a proofreader. Lesson one authors: hire a proofreader. It is both aggravating and irritating to try and read a book only to have to pause and realize that the author didn’t bother to proof his own work. It takes away from both the message and the author’s credibility.

This entire book reminded me of a very long Yahoo article of fluff and was basically Amazon unlimited click bate. Although the author had a few nuggets of good information in there, all of those nuggets of good information could be found in multiple other sources by writers that actually know how to write a book.

This is more of a pamphlet than a book. If you’re looking for something that is not challenging to read, has no complex vocabulary, doesn’t cite studies the author alludes to, and will put you to sleep, then this is the book for you.


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