A Writer’s Gotta Eat


Photo by roblesse on pixabay.com


When I was working a collections job about 10 years ago, I remember not quite stretching my paycheck as far as I would have liked and eating spaghetti for lunch and dinner for up to a week at a time.  This was before I started writing.

And trust me when I say, I don’t miss my spaghetti days.  So I generally do office work around my writing. Today I was turned down for a great job working with disabled and injured dogs in a therapeutic setting. I would have loved it. I’m a huge dog lover.

Unfortunately they wanted someone who was a vet tech or physical therapy student but they interviewed me because I had a good resume and I was tenacious about getting an interview.

Even though it is disheartening that I didn’t get the job, I also realize it’s a good thing. I would have had to regularly lift 50 plus pound dogs and I had recent back surgery.

But it got me thinking about the kinds of jobs I want to apply for. Sure a writer has to eat but not at the cost of working in another horrid job again.

I decided to start applying for writing and editing jobs in addition to learning more about pitching to journals and magazines.  Most of my writing has been blogging and content writing and I found myself lacking confidence to branch out.

I survived back surgery. I can walk long distances again. I can go to festivals and walk for hours with little pain. This return to health has given me the confidence to branch out and take on the laborious work of pitching and applying for writing and editing work.

This writer’s gotta eat but she’ll be damned if she does it by calling people and harassing them for cash again.


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