Book Review: Extinction Series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith


Photo by Nicholas Sansburg Smith. Published with author’s permission.


If you love to read or write sci-fi, you should read this series.

Though I rarely do this, I think I’ll start doing it more often. I emailed Nicholas Sansbury Smith, the writer of the “Extinction” series. He wrote back very quickly and is a friendly guy. We chatted about overcoming writers block and carving out writing time that should be uninterrupted. There you have it. Advice from a best-selling novelist.  You can also follow Nicolas on Facebook.

About Extinction:

A group of scientists attempt to create a biological weapon with the power to strategically take out the enemy. The goal of the program is to save American soldiers from having to go intro the field.

The weapon is hidden on an island off the California coast. Contact has been lost with the facility that houses the weapon.. Now a team of special soldiers has been called in to find out what happened at the facility and if the weapon can be saved.

The book series slowly reveals the mystery and deadly mix that makes the weapon – VX99- so lethal to the human race.

When the superweapon gets out, it not only demolishes humanity but the scientists and solders that are needed to save the people who are left standing.

There are 5 books in the series.  I read up to 4 since book 5 is in th preorder stage.  The series could have easily ended there but Smith decided to add another. The last book, called “Extinction: Aftermath,”takes place in Europe, where the battle still rages.

I have Kindle Unlimited so I read the first four on my $9.99 per month plan.  You can also buy them individually or as a set.

“Extinction: Horizon” is the first book in the series and has over 1800 reviews on Amazon. Each book is available through Kindle, as a paperback or through Audible.

Reading books in your genre of choice that are well written, emotional, and scary as hell is a prerequisite for being a sci-fi writer.



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