Negan on “The Walking Dead” is one scary mofo

I’m not gonna lie. I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He was the perfect pick for the father of the two monster-hunting brothers on “Supernatural.” He really didn’t get much screen time on that show but his presence was a combination of a militant and yet loving father.

So when I heard he was going to be on “The Walking Dead”, I jumped for joy….literally.

The few minutes at the end of the season finale of”The Walking Dead” struck fear into every character, including Rick. And nothing scares Rick. Remember when the Termites were going to drain him dry over a tub? Even then he showed no fear, only a man formulating a plan.

Negan taunted every member of the group, particularly threatening to put Maggie out of her misery.  Which sent Glenn into a tailspin.

And the bat wrapped with barbed wire that he called Lucille? You have to be one messed up guy to do that.

So the big question is: Who did he kill or at least beat bloody?

I haven’t read the comics. I’ve only heard tidbits about Negan’s character and how frightening he is.  *spoiler* He killed Glenn in the comics but the show has veered very far from the comics so I doubt it as Glenn.  But I do think he chose a man to beat because his last words were “Take it like a champ.”  I don’t think he would say that to a woman.

But alas, all we can do is speculate until October.

Oh, and kudos to the editing team to throw off the audience about the sequence of who was getting beat so we can’t really tell.